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Monitoring Health by e-bra and e-underwear with Nanosensors and Smart Phone

An interdisciplinary team of engineers, IT scientists, doctors has developed a wireless health-monitoring system that gathers critical patient information (such as blood pressure, respiration rate and oxygen consumption, body temperature, and ECG readings including inverted T waves, which are a sign of an impending heart attack or sudden cardiac death), regardless of the patient’s location, and communicates that information in real time to a physician, hospital or the patient herself.

Why is Nanotechnology Important?

Nanotechnology is essential since it has such a large number of various applications in the way we live and direct our lives. Nanotechnology is useful for and why it would take us any longer to alter these issues independently without the utilization of nanotechnology.



Why do students need Open Access Journals

Students: Students have a particularly vast stake in the debate about access to research. Extending access will pay incredible profits to students in an assortment of ways: