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Strong Immune Response Rates Seen in Inovio's HIV Vaccine



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Strong Immune Response Rates Seen in Inovio's HIV Vaccine

HIV vaccine

An HIV vaccine is a vaccine which would either protect individuals who do not have HIV from contracting that virus, or otherwise may have a therapeutic effect for persons who have or later contract HIV/AIDS.

Vaccines are used to prevent many different infections in people. Vaccines work by causing a person's immune system (the body's defense against infections and cancer) to recognize and react to specific germs. If a person is exposed to one of those germs later, the vaccine may protect them from getting infected.

New preliminary results suggest promise for a potent vaccine against HIV.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals announced its HIV vaccine candidate PENNVAX-GP produced the highest overall levels of immune response rates ever seen in a human study for this type of treatment.

The trial is supported by the HIV Vaccines Trial Network (HVTN) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The study’s goal was to evaluate a four-dose regimen of PENNVAX-GP DNA vaccine in conjunction with an immune activator called IL-12. Investigators delivered the treatment via intradermal or intramuscular administration to 85 patients. Nine patients received a placebo as a control.

“These results are among the highest ever responses we’ve seen with an HIV vaccine, and they are remarkably consistent with our recent data reported from our Ebola, Zika and MERS clinical trials in terms of demonstrating nearly 100% vaccine response rates with very favorable safety profile. Furthermore, our newer and more tolerable intradermal vaccine delivery device showed that we can elicit very high immune responses at a much lower dose,” said Inovio’s President and CEO Dr. J. Joseph Kim, in a statement.

PENNVAX-GP is comprised of four HIV antigens engineered to cover multiple global HIV strains in order to generate an antibody and T-cell immune response to simultaneously prevent and treat the pathogen.

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